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A little space of the online world, filled with my ideas, inspiration and general ramblings. A mix of photography, travel and crafty projects, I hope there will be a little something that will interest anyone who stops by. Enjoy!


Logan's Birth Announcement/Thank you card

Leslie Clark

There were lots of things I knew I wouldn't have time for after Logan was born and I was ok with that. However, I had one thing that I wanted to do and that was to design and make Logan's birth announcement/thank you card. Making my own cards is my thing, i do it every year for Christmas and for Birthdays and other occasions when I can. So, this was not negotiable. This was a once in a lifetime thing and I wanted them to be special.

So amongst the haze of the first couple of months I sat down with my sketchbook and tried to come up with a cute idea to commemorate and celebrate Logan's first few months with us. My general lack of energy and lack of sleep did nothing to help my imagination and I nearly went down the pre-designed print off the internet route. Alas, my imagination kicked in and I came up with this little design. Super happy with the result, I felt like the old me was still in there and I could fit in some creative projects when I put my mind to it.

A mixture of hand drawn lettering and computer wizardry I came up with Logan's 'stats' for the front. The accordion style card allowed me to add a little summary page of Logan's cutest moments from the first three months (yeah it took me that long).  The addition of a twine bow parcel style bow and washi tape decorated letter L tag, made it look like a little gift.

It has taken so long to write about these its almost time for me to come up with some first birthday invites...! So exciting!