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A little space of the online world, filled with my ideas, inspiration and general ramblings. A mix of photography, travel and crafty projects, I hope there will be a little something that will interest anyone who stops by. Enjoy!


Gocco Swap


Well...I was in a bit of a panic wondering what I would make for the clothpaperstring - Art of the Note Gocco swap (see post below) and after delving through some of my photos I came up with a few ideas... So here are my 'inspiration' photos and what I ended up with.

Some mail boxes I'm always drawn to when we pass them. I knew this pic would
come in useful one day.
You've Got Mail - Card

Work in Progress..

For the second set i found a photo in my deleted folder and after some photoshop tweaking I actually managed to come up with something to print. I was using some dark grey card which I thought would look good with some silver ink...turned out well I think. This doesn't bode well for my hoarding tendencies as I was going to delete this and look at what I did with it. Now I will keep all my 'bad' photos just incase!!

I think this card has a slightly eerie quality which I love...I am not sure if it would be the same in a different colour combination.

Overall I was pretty happy with the results and I managed to put together a nice set of cards to send off. I do hope my fellow swappers like them.

The finished product!